Our Royal Founder

Briana is a model, singer and a Film/TV major at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is Miss Teen Tampa 2014 and founder of A Royal You & Camp Royal, where she employs activities to inspire and uplift young women. She also works with the I Care About Me organization to spread the empowerment message of loving and caring about yourself. She has worked as a hair stylist and makeup artist for young girls in the Tampa area.  When she is not serving the community, you can catch her onstage in productions such as Hairspray, Sweet Charity, Pippin as well as producing and directing, documentaries such as Keeping The Faith and I Am More.

Bullied as a young lady, Briana truly didn’t love who she was; in fact she hated herself. Everything from her curly hair, skin, physique, down to the huge gap between her teeth. This hate continued for a while, she would look in the mirror and ask “God what were you thinking ?” At the age of 14 she tried to commit suicide as a result of kids bullying her at her school and her own insecurities overcoming her.Until one day, she found the one thing she truly needed, after searching for years and years. She finally found her confidence. Now when she looks in the mirror , she says to herself ” God it’s unfair I am this great!” She celebrates and embraces the skin she is in and strives to spread that to all young girls around the world through her 501c3 non profit A ROYAL YOU- Camp Royal.