Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ages for the camp?

Females between the ages of 10-16 as of January 1st the current year

What if my daughter is age 9 and will turn 10 during the year, can she attend?

Yes, please contact our offices to discuss registration.

See Camp Registration page for a typical day.  Every day at Camp Royal is different and unique.  Are there any other events open to girls not of this age?

Sure we have the Spring Tea, special Mommy Daughter events, Back To School events, etc. Subscribe to our mailing lists to be notified of all of our events.

What does the registration fee include?

Summer Overnight Residential Camp in beautiful Florida, All meals onsite at the camp, Showcase, Mentoring, Tutoring, VIP Access to all events, Transportation to the Camp Site, Entry into Parade, and Photo Shoot with Hair and Make-Up (Age Appropriate).

What is a typical day like at Camp?

See the Camp Registration page for a typical day for campers. Just know every day is different at Camp ROYAL. 

Is there a limit on the number of girls?

Yes there is annually a limit placed on the number of girls for the program.  Once that cap is reached, girls are placed on the wait list and will be immediately notified if a slot should become available.

Is the camp the entire summer?

The Summer Camp is exclusive and for one week only generally held the last week of July.

I would like to participate but how do I get sponsors to offset registration fees?

The best place to begin is where your family does business. Examples are Cleaners, Insurance Companies, Banks, Doctors, Dentists, local stores, etc. Call ahead to make an appointment, and dress neatly when you visit them.  Most sponsors will want to ask you questions about the program.  They can also contact our organization and we will be happy to address any questions they may have as well.  We even send you a letter you can utilize to request sponsorship on official letterhead. It is a great opportunity to involve others in contributing towards your success in the program. You can have as many or as few sponsors as you wish to make up your total sponsor fee. Businesses, family, friends, or fundraising activities are all great ideas for raising your sponsor fee.  Without exception, sponsor fees are non-refundable.

Is there a referral fee offered?

For every camper that you refer that registers, you will get a referral credit.  If your balance has been paid in full, we will issue a payment for the referral. If your balance is not paid in full, the referral will come as a credit against your balance remaining. There is no limit to the referrals you can receive.

I read somewhere a Community Service project is included and all girls must participate- what does this mean?

Every year, we pick a different organization for the girls to do their community service project with- this allows them to experience first-hand what it means to give back to their communities. It is really an easy task and parents will receive all the information prior to camp.

Is my registration information secured?

Our organization has partnered with National leading registration and event software company to ensure the maximum level of security when inputting your registration details. We take privacy information seriously to ensure that your information and data is protected at the highest level.

Showcase FAQs:

My daughter has never participated in a showcase and I am concerned. What is your showcase like?

The showcase in pageantry style is an opportunity for the girls to display what they have learned before family, friends and sponsors. It is a celebration of sisterhood for all the girls.  No prior experience is required or necessary.

Is this a beauty pageant event?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We work with the girls on developing life skills they will need to be successful in every area of their life. We allow them to showcase this during A ROYAL Night.

Will my daughter have to get a fancy dress or what is the attire for the showcase?

No, please do not go out and get a fancy dress. This event is about celebrating Real Outstanding Young Achieving Ladies.

Is there a swimsuit division?


Do I have to be the beautiful, thin or perfect according to the fashion industry standards?

We celebrate Real Outstanding Young Achieving Ladies.  You are perfect and beautiful in every way.  Braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, and many other conditions are all just part of you being you and those things should be embraced.  Good communication and presentation skills are what we want to recognize and encourage. What you need to concentrate on is doing your best and remembering to be positive. SMILE and do the best with what you have! If you can develop and apply this attitude now, it will benefit you your whole life!

What are the benefits of their participation in this event?

As part of our program, we strive to create a generation of young women who learn to be the best version of themselves and celebrate the achievement of others.  All participants receive a sash and tiara but more importantly they learn essential skills necessary to be successful in every area of their life.  There is additional recognition for our campers who strive to be their best academically in school and during the program.